Sea bass

Paolo Sari, Chef at the restaurant Elsa (1 Michelin star) invites you to discover a wonderful recipe.

Sea bass by Paolo SariSea bass

Paolo Sari – Elsa 


Servings: 4



- 1 sea bass fillet 600 g (cut the fillet into 4 pieces of 140 g)
- 60 g aubergines in 1 cm cubes
- 60 g red sweet peppers in 1 cm squares
- 60 g yellow sweet peppers in 1 cm squares
- 60 g courgettes in 1 cm cubes
- 60 g mangetout in 1 cm squares
- 60 g peas
- 30 g stoned Taggiasca olives
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Fennel herb
- Basil
- 1 lime
- 4 kumquats


Tomato essence
- 250 g cherry tomatoes
- Salt and pepper
- ½ bunch of basil

- Extra virgin olive oil




Tomato essence
Cut 250 g of cherry tomatoes into wedges.
Add salt and pepper then olive oil and the basil chopped by hand.
Mix everything.
Heat gently using a warming plate (lukewarm).


Sea bass
In a mixing bowl prepare the marinade, lime zest and kumquat zest. Add the chopped fennel herb, olive oil, salt and pepper. Put aside.
Score the skin of the fish to prevent the skin from curling.
Score the flesh and slide the marinade inside the fish.
Dry the skin of the fish before cooking so that it doesn’t stick.
Cook the fish skin side down in a pan with olive oil (no more than 4 minutes).
Tip: press lightly on the fish so that it cooks flat (using a plate or another pan, for example)
Turn the fish over. Cook for no more than 4 minutes.
Remove from the hob and put aside.


Cut the aubergine, red and yellow sweet peppers, courgettes and mangetout into 1 cm cubes or squares. Place all the vegetables in a mixing bowl. Add the fresh peas and a few stoned Taggiasca olives. Add salt and pepper. Add olive oil. Mix.
Sauté the vegetables for several minutes in olive oil (the pan must be as hot as possible to cook quickly). Mix (or toss the frying pan). Add a few leaves of the chopped basil.
Put the vegetables aside.



Place the vegetables in the serving dish.
Add the sea bass and drizzle with olive oil.
Garnish with thin slices of lime and kumquat, a few tufts of fennel herb, thyme, lemon and basil leaves.
Place the tomato essence in a separate bowl on the side.


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